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Always In Our Hearts



             A Soulmate dog

to her owner Judi for 13 and a half years, through thick and thin. Through hard times and good times. A treasure and rascal to all who knew her.


 Rosie passed away January 17, 2017



  What a presence she was!

​          So entirely unique.

luna at windoow.JPG

Luna passed away December 16, 2016

​            She is dearly missed.



                                       My once in a lifetime Dog.

Addie was my best friend and spirit-lifter for 12 years. She had been taken to the pound by the authorities, from a crack house, when she was one, having spent her first formative year there.  She was afraid of her own shadow-- she shook constantly--only confident when she was at the horse farm nearby or walking in the forest (so naturally, for those 12 years, I had to get a job at the horse farm which abutted the forest)!

Addie's HUGE ears inspired the farrier to call her "Radar". 

I was so so lucky to have found her and she made it her job to make me smile with her lightheartedness. 

Addie died in August 2005. I buried her on the wide hill overlooking the farm.

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