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      Your Details for caring for your pets

                Email Mary at

Text Mary at 978-399-4422


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  Details to write out for Mary Before Leaving

Before you leave, here are some key details to write out for me:

You could also just put these details in an email to me. That would be great!


Dates you will be traveling:

Day, and time of day leaving

Day, and time of day returning

Spare key location/garage code


Mealtime information:

Food locations

Bowl locations

Meal details:

 Where does  your pet  normally eat?


 Who eats which food (for multiple pets),

 and the amount each pet receives.


  AM and PM?


Which medication does each pet receive? 

How often:  AM and PM?


Where is the medication kept?


Fridge? Cupboard?

 How to administer the medication.


In food, in syringe in mouth, in pill pocket or tasty treat?

 And where are these located?

 It's helpful if you can give as much detail as you can.


Other information about his/her likes and dislikes, and preferences.

For Dogs:

Leash locations or yard preference?

Poo bag locations


For cats:

Most favorite places in the house.


Most favorite play activity

Toy locations

Litter box locations

Litter box cleaning and disposal preferences.

Vet name and phone

Your cell phone numbers

 A trusted neighbor, friend or family member who is aware that you are          traveling and, if you cannot be reached by phone, is able to help in an emergency. This is icing on the cake, but would be really nice to have, if at all possible.

Details about the house to pay attention to!



Things to watch out for.  packages?

Anything else you'd like me to know.




not my picture


not my picture

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