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Every animal has a unique personality and disposition. Each needs to be cared for differently.
I tailor my services to meet pets' individual needs as well as those of their owners.

Whether you have a young animal, or an older one (or one who thinks they're still young but should  be careful ), a dog with separation anxiety, a true couch potato, a kitten who likes to climb up curtains,

 a happy faucet drinker,  a curious cockatiel, or a bossy pony---  ponies do need to be bossy at times --, with me, you will have a knowledgeable person who can assess your pets' needs and serve them accordingly. If you want experienced  trustworthy and loving care, you can count on Littlefield Animal Care to serve your pet--horse, dog, pony, cat, kitten, mouse, rat, goat, ferret, chicken, fish, bunny rabbit, lizard, Guinea pig, chinchilla, parakeet and all else -- with love, respect, humor and compassion.


About Us


with Gero

Mary and Henry

I have been  caring for our community’s animals for over 30 years. I began in 1985, working part time while finishing college, helping to care for 2 barns full of thoroughbred horses and their foals (and also stallions) at a breeding farm in Pepperell. I realized then that giving animals what they needed  to thrive was what I wanted to be a part of, as doing so gave me what I needed—and still need—to thrive! 


Otis, Jackie and Bailey

Through these years, doing this work, some wonderful animals have come into my life (and their people too)! Also through the years I have developed some important skills in knowing what a pet needs beyond walking, playing and feeding.

For example, good pet care/pet sitting requires someone with the ability to intuit when a pet is stressed, for instance, and to make informed decisions towards solving or handling the problem. Is his stress due to his environment, health, nerves, physical discomfort, lack of exercise?  Is he missing you a lot? Lots to consider.

There are many reasons for stress (some easy to address, some more challenging).
It is rewarding to find just the right solution.


Henry is not stressed

My business is always morphing as the community’s needs for their animals has continued to develop throughout the years. At this point there are families for whom I have worked over a span of many many years, tending to generations of pets who have come and gone in their lives. It’s quite an experience. I enjoy supporting the bonds between people and their animal friends. It's important and it's  profound.


 The camaraderie with other pet sitters in our area is also enjoyable. Each has his or her own talents with pets and their people, from those who are just starting out to those more seasoned.
I especially like working with elderly dogs, cats, and horses who need a bit more tending to. It’s truly an honor to be a part of their care.
That’s Littlefield Animal Care’s story as of now!
The photos on this website are of my animal friends throughout the years.

Just about about every aspect of this work is rewarding, which is why I have devoted my life to it (and also because animals are just really cute!).

In rain or snow, blizzard and the dark of night I will get there to give our friends the best of care.


Katie Mcgillicuddy

Customer Comments


​​​Ho Hum. Bored, Bored. Bored. Think I'll kick the wall. Think I'll put this rope on my face so Mary will take my picture, then come into my stall. She'll  also scratch my neck (which she is extremely good at).  If she'd give us more grain I'd give her an A.

                                Blue, Stow


On Mondays and Wednesdays I take Mary to visit my elderly neighbor , Mister Ewing, who keeps bones for me in his  pocket. I have trained her to wait patiently by my side for him to come out of his house with my bone. I give her a look and think:  Wait..Wait. She does it almost every time!. I have found, though, that when there are no cars in his driveway,  and no lights on , it's harder for her to wait;  she gets antzy. 

                               --Toby, Maynard


This one 's  a little disappointing.......

                       - - Tiger, Boxborough

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