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Respect, Care, and Compassion

Every animal has a unique personality and disposition. Each needs to be cared for differently.
I tailor my services to meet pets' individual needs as well as those of their owner
s. Whether you have a young animal, or an older one, a dog with separation anxiety or a couch potato, a kitten who likes to climb up the curtains or one who curls up and sleeps in the sun, a curious cockatiel, or a bossy pony, with me, you will have a knowledgable person who can assess your pets' needs and serve them accordingly. If you want experienced (I've been in business for over 25 years), trustworthy and loving care, you can count on Littlefield Animal Care to serve your pet with love, respect, humor and compassion

         Serving The Animal Community In Stow, Maynard and surrounding towns                                                                                                                                              


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Littlefield Animal Care is proud to offer

 Daily Dog Walking  And

Pet sitting services while you're away

For Dogs

-AM visit includes breakfast and a walk/play time in the early morning

-Mid Afternoon visit includes a good, long walk (or stroll for the elderly),  a

  meal, and an assurance that "I'll be back soon"

-Before bedtime visit includes a walk, a snack, and some quiet visiting time

-For elderly dogs a later late bedtime visit can  be arranged.

-For younger dogs an earlier early wake up visit can be arranged.

-The schedule all depends on who your dog is and what she needs.

 Note:The occasional car ride can certainly be considered for lonely or bored dogs.

For Cats

-One or two visits per day with an emphasis on eating, purring,

  playing and laptime

-For those who don't like to be touched, long periods of loving blinking can be arranged
   (or short ones--depending...)

For Horses (also see "Horses" tab above)

-AM visit includes breakfast, turn-out (seasonal blanketing), hay, water and stall cleaning

-Noontime visit (if needed) includes hay and safety check

   (Inclement weather visits as needed)

-PM visit includes dinner, evening hay, water and bedtime story

For Birds

One or two visits include food, water, sing-along time and lots of sweet talk.

Baths are optional

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