• Send me an email, if you could, a week or so before you leave so that we will make sure no vacation plans have changed.
  • Leave your cat carrier handy, yet out of your cat's sight ---just in case..
  • If you have a driveway that is longer than 50 feet it is best to arrange to have the snow and ice cleared from it when you are away. It isn't safe for emergency vehicles to get to your house if something  should happen.. It is also very noticible to criminals that you are away.

                                   Amber Alexander

    "That cookie better be pretty handy."

                said Bella to her person Nina.​​

      Cameras. Cameras. Cameras.

  • Believe it or not pets are VERY sensitive to the sound of a continually beeping, low battery warning of a  C.O./smoke detector. They can't relax. Really! Let's ensure as much as is possible that their time at home without you is peaceful.​

"I had the nicest dream. There was a lake, a wabbah toy, a wonderfully putrid smell to roll in, and children holding ice cream cones at exactly the right height."

      said Otis to his person Barbara


  • Text me when you leave for your trip, and again when you return, so that I will be sure that you have made it home  to your pets safely!

​"A little detail for the dog walker: Kai (large girl, center) knows that when she comes back from her walk she will have to go back into her lonely house, so....when we return...she just doesn't go in. Will not. That's it.  All 120 lbs of her will not go back in.  Not for chicken,  steak. She knows what she wants!"  I say this! 

​                     (Jim, Jen and Sammy's dog)

     "Next time let's skip the boardwalk."

                said Jackie (my dog!) to me.​

​​Things that you might not think about at first:

 "Yes I did dive-bomb your stomach in the middle of the night last night. And...?"

           said Eefah to her person Marilyn



  • ​​​​​​​​Try to leave the house braced for the cold so that your pipes don't freeze (and your pets stay warm too).  Conversely, make sure your pets have a cool place to go in the summer so that they don't swelter in the heat. (very important)

A  Pet Sitter's Wishes

  • Please remember to tell me if you have  cameras hooked up at your house! Watching ones pets from work or vacation is fun, for sure, and sometimes very necessary if your pet is ill or has separation anxiety.  But remember: don't abandon your manners!  Tell the pet sitter. It feels creepy being surveilled surreptitiously. It's also very discouraging.

        Courtesy. Empathy. Thanks!

  • Remember to leave the pet sitter snacks.