We want more hay!

              -Ciano & Nefi, Concord


When I am bored Mary and I go for a ride. I also appreciate her ability to be quiet with me. She communicates well.  I give her an "A."                    - Addie, Maynard

She knows how to show us a good time.

                                        -Katie, Stow

Leanne,  Bolton
Mary has been a Godsend to me! I have never had someone care for my horses that I feel so comfortable with!



Rebecca, Stow

Mary is a natural. She came to meet my two cats before I left on my trip and quickly picked up on their temperaments. She followed my instructions to the letter and I came home after two weeks away to two very contented cats. She didn't just come in and feed them, the way some pet setters do, but spent time playing with them and socializing. I recommend her with enthusiasm.

Nina,  Maynard

Mary has been taking care of my pets since 2011, and I can say with confidence that she is wonderful at her job. I truly feel as though she loves my dog like she is her own, and when we lost our great dane recently Mary could not have been more kind. As I am the type of person whose animals are like my kids, I don't recommend pet services casually - Mary is the real deal; trustworthy, kind, and reliable.

I like it that she realizes I'm Royalty.                                       -Raziel, Concord

Mary's great! We've been around the block together. I like it when she dries off my feet!

                                   -Cori, Maynard

                           - Winnie, Stow

Who?  The pet sitter?  Oh yes! She's fun to have around. I love to slowly, stealthily, stalk her, as she's preparing our meals. She pretends not to be nervous. Good times.                 - Big (grey)

​Mary is so pretty and smart!   -Sadie (tiger)

Human Testimonials

Oh God, am I adorable or what?!

"She seems to appreciate  dead mice and birds, and her lap is really quite comfortable."
                                      - Trouble & Quark-- Concord  

 When we went for our very first walk, I was SURE she was trying to kidnap me! 

​                                   -Nacho, Stow