My motto is Safety First

​​​​​I offer walks on a leash in the neighborhood! 

A walk on the leash in your neighborhood can be awfully fun, interesting, exciting and informative to your dog. She will be able, by smell, to catch up on all the goings on in her neighborhood! 

    That brown and black dog 2 doors down? He leaves her messages each time he goes out! (it's called pee mail)

 Within the last hour? The mailman walked up this walk, and this walk, and this walk!

   That grey cat who taunts her through the fence? That's him right now under the big car with his friends!

   Someone dropped a portion of their lunch by the curb yesturday?  She might be able to snag it quickly if her human is distracted!

   Sometimes the best walk of the whole year is spent nose to the ground, in one spot, in your neighborhood!

Leash walks are also wonderful for dogs who don't really care for other dogs.​​

             Otis visits Jackie & Henry!

For Birds

One or two visits include food, water, sing-along time and lots of sweet talk.

Baths are optional

If you need your bird boarded try ""

Littlefield Animal Care Services

                  The Queen enjoying a walk

                   in her neighborhood


                      Scarlett, Stow

For Horses
(also see "Horses" tab)
AM visit includes breakfast, turn-out (seasonal blanketing), hay, water and stall cleaning

-Noontime visit (if needed) includes hay and safety check

(Inclement weather visits as needed)

-PM visit includes dinner, evening hay, water and bedtime story


                                                    Amber Alexander

Need your cat boarded?

Try "The Cat Cottage" in Maynard.


Cat Care

Daily Dog Walking

Horse Care

Special Care (the elderly)

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       Popsicle Toes' and Formal Joys' Kids


Special Care

The elderly

They are our TREASURED companions.

The ones who have been with us through thick and thin.

And often now sometimes they need us most! 


We've taken them though knee surgeries, kidney disease, pancreatic cancer, tooth extractions, baffling diseases that have drained our bank accounts irreparably to diagnose and treat.. and they have deserved every cent and every minute of worry and concern and heart ache.

And now we have to go away for a day, (oh no!)a weekend, a week and know they need SPECIAL CARE.

I've had personal experience with lots of illnesses and care and recovery regimens. I am a vigilent caregiver.

​Dog Walking

​Pet Sitting

                                 Amber Alexander



For Cats
-One or two visits per day with an emphasis on

      (I...saw...that...string...MOVE!!! bat bat bat)

              and lap time 
                chest time
              head time!

NOTE: For those who don't like to be touched, long periods of loving blinking can be arranged

        (or short ones--depending...)

For those who do not like to be looked at-- I promise I won't look!                 

                            Mojo, Stow

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Pet Sitting

For Dogs

The 3 visits a Day Option:
(these visits usually last for about half an hour)

-Morning visit includes breakfast and a walk/play time in the early morning

-Mid afternoon visit includes a good walk (or stroll for the elderly),  a  meal, and an assurance that "I'll be back soon"

-Before Bedtime visit includes a walk, a snack, and some quiet visiting time

The Frequent Check-ins Option:

(the "Are you here AGAIN?!" option)

At LEAST 4 drop-in visits throughout the day and evening of a mix of short and long durations.  All long enough that your dog feels cared for and loved each time. Sometimes this option is a good one for crated dogs!

 Note: The occasional car ride can certainly be considered for lonely or bored dogs in either option!