Note​: There are additional charges if there is an emergency and I have to take your pet to the vet. It is best

to arrange for a family member or trusted friend to take on this awesome responsibility, if it should arise, while you are away. It often requires many hours of a pet sitter's time and other pets on their daily docket  have to be put on hold which is really not good.

There is a 5 dollar charge per day for administering medication.

​​$15. per visit

Cats, just because they're smaller, do not require less care. My goal with a cat is to ensure, as much as I can, that he or she feels secure and loved at each visit. Sometimes, for a shy cat, as you know, this can take a bit of time.

If you have 4 or more cats the cost may be more.

                         Let Outs


I offer all different kinds of discounts to make taking care of your pets  financially possible for  both you and me!

Flexibility is key here. And creativity! 

These are quick bathroom breaks and check-ins for pets with special needs, puppies, and elderly or recuperating pets,  or anyone who just needs a human being to check in on them during the day.  $15. 

                 Amber Alexander

               Horse Care

               Cat Care​​

            Pet Sitting

Pet sitting rates are usually by the visit, and each visit is $15.

The Three Walks a Day Option is $45.

The Frequent Check-In Visits Option is $50.

                  ​ Birds
                $15. per visit

Prices vary. Contact Us
and we can talk about your set-up and the work involved. I am very fair. 

              Dog Walking

 2 dogs from the same household:  No extra charge.

   The Rates

​​Walks on a leash and/or yard activities: $20. per visit

3 or more dogs from the same household $20. per visit