• that a horse's curiosity will often get him into trouble! 
  • where to feel for a pulse in the fetlock if there are signs of laminitis
  • To call you and the vet when something is amiss

Missy and kid "Can't You Tell" aka Telly


  • How to administer carrots!

​​        (monumentally important)

Nefi put up with us when she was little--anything for a peppermint! 

​​​(People often worry about these

         very basic particulars)

  • to secure all doors, gates and feed bins at all times
  • if a horse is having a major kooky fit of over, say, a small plastic bag that has blown into the bushes near her paddock or pasture I will know it is best to totally lower my blood pressure and calmly save her from herself before she gets hurt
  • if someone happens to go backwards and rear while being lead out--go back with him.

  • to double and triple check that I have secured all the doors, gates and feedbins
  • if a horse won't move forward: apply steady, light pressure on his nose.  When he moves forward, loosen the pressure and walk with him
  • how to take a temperature, and what reading is normal  (99-101)

  • to totally enjoy unique, goofy tricks and antics!

What I will know​​

Abbreviated summary

Horse Sitting​​​​

Goatly gives advice .

  • signs of colic--and precautions to take to hopefully avoid colic
  • the difference between a horse who is lying down napping and a horse lying down because she doesn't feel well 
  •  to limit water and food intake before and after he has exercised


  • signs of laminitis
  • which leg is lame 

​​Click on the arrow. It's the greatest place 


  • the difference between timothy hay and alfalfa, and a mix of the two

​Mindy's kid

  • how to administer medications



  • The Barn0:00
  • to look for and (if lucky) find a

        lost shoe

  • that biting and kicking are not prefered behaviors and should be discouraged

​Kimstead Farm

  • that there are many many ways to take care of a horse


  • recognize moldy or dusty hay (and not feed it)

In 1985 I worked at a Thoroughbred breeding farm in Pepperell, Ma. That's when Littlefield Animal Care began...