My once in a lifetime Dog.

Addie was my best friend and spirit-lifter for 12 years. She was afraid of her own shadow and her HUGE ears inspired people to call her "Radar". She had been taken to the pound in a poor city from a crack house when she was one, having spent her first formative year there.  I was so lucky to have found her and she liked very much to amuse me. She loved to listen to Reba McIntyre.

Marilyn was one of my customers (turned dear friend very quickly).

She did not like dogs! "Perpetual toddlers," she called them. But, much to her dismay, she inherited the job of tending to the needs of her ex-husband's Pug--which is how I came into the picture, being a dog-walker. His name was Galway, but was affectionately referred to as "Go-away," by all concerned.

Marilyn?  She LOVED  CATS!  All cats! She donated generously to the Pat Brody Cat Shelter in Lunenburg , helping them build a new building to house their cats. She loved a cat's sense of entitlement and reveled in, respected, and enjoyed  their pure  self--centeredness and wiliness.  Deep down, I believe she WAS a cat.

Marilyn did not want a funeral, or a memorial service, or a eulogy.  She wanted to go out without being noticed, without any fuss.

She may have smiled, though, at the thought of being eulogized on a pet sitter's website.  So here we are.  (It was lots of  fun to make her smile). So...

 In addition to having a magnificent book collection ,  Marilyn was  one of those extremely rare people who was up to date reading her New Yorker Magazines! She loved to make people laugh, and she did that often. She liked to drink her tea, in the morning, from a delicate, flowered teacup and saucer. She could polish off a book in a day. She had three Masters Degrees, and a long career.  Her favorite place was Ireland.  When Kennedy was shot Marilyn was at her office in Harvard Square. She was stylish, a devout  Atheist, kind, and  was side-splittingly funny!

She  marked the different periods of her life by her different cats.

​The Eeffah and Ashling period. The Amy Beach period (named after the famous composer). The Puma period. Her photo albums were dedicated to their exploits--Amy sprawled out on the sofa, for instance, or Eeffah perched  high on a shelf (near a vase).

​​​Marilyn had been in constant pain for most of her adult life due to a spine injury. In her last year she became bedridden and wasn't able to walk. Even in her new state of increasing pain during this time, she found great enjoyment in the fact that Eeffah and Ashling would  dive bomb her very frail, little, bird-like body in the middle of the night and ram all around her room, knocking things over as they went. She would smile slyly in describing it  the next day.

In her final months, she was very good to, and enjoyed her Home Health Aids,  and they enjoyed,  and were very loyal to her. She was a special person. Having known her we are so much richer!

​She was the Cat Woman Marilyn Beach!​​

Layla passed away on December 16, 2016


           Born October  23, 1941

           Died September 7, 2016

She was ten

We are all hearbroken



Luna passed away December 16, 2016

​            She is dearly missed.



  What a presence she was!

                         So unique.

I had the pleasure of walking her for  7 years

A Soulmate dog

to her owner Judi for 13 and a half years, through thick and thin. Through hard times and good times. A treasure and rascal to all who knew her.

     Rosie passed away January 17, 2017


         Addie Nut Nut Girl

Once in a lifetime dog

           Marilyn Beach