True Confessions: If you let me off the leash I will run out of the borders of that Google map--Jackie

        Littlefield Animal Care

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Useful Information

for the pet sitter:

Dates you will be traveling:

Day, and time of day leaving

Day, and time of day returning

Mealtime information:

Food locations

Bowl locations

Amount and details of meals.

And other information about his/her likes and dislikes.

Health information you think I should be aware of.

For Dogs:

Leash locations

Poo bag locations

Favorite Toys

For cats:

Most favorite hiding places

Least favorite noises.

Most favorite toys

Toy locations

Litterbox locations

Litterbox cleaning and disposal preferences.

Vet name and phone

Your cell phone numbers

Details about the house to pay attention to.

Things to watch out for.

Any other information you'd like me to know.