Mona Abrams


​Littlefield Animal Care has received many awards over the years, and has often earned the first place title at the MGH (Most Gullible Human) awards. Here are some from way back:

Mint Julep

​When the big Thoroughbred/Percheron  Mint Julep needed to be brought from the field to the barn, she would always stop at the water tank to drink before leaving the field. Each day I would stand next to her while she drank. Sometimes she drank for quite a while. I'd say, "Boy, you're thirsty today, aren't you Mint?" Then one day while waiting quite a while for her to finish, I noticed I didn't see her big, long neck swallowing. I looked. She was looking up at me and her lips were making the water move, but she wasn't drinking! I realized finally! She was PRETENDING to drink so that she wouldn't have to go in! What a smart horse!

 And.... A Most Gullible Human.  May, 1993. 

The 1995 Most Gullible Human Award

         Presented by Mona Abrams

Mona was a black German Shepherd (I love German Shepherds, by the way). I was sitting for her once when she had a bandage on one of her front feet (a cut in her pad, I think it was, but it was a long time ago). I was doting on her entirely too much, and she loved it. She began to limp on her foot more  and more,and kept holding it up, looking at me forlornly when I went to console her. Her vet lived not far away, and so I brought her in.

It was a serious scene until the vet said "wait a minute...she's FAKING it. She just wants  attention!"  We went out of the room, and peeked in, unbeknownst to her, to see her roaming around perfectly sound! Mona was fine. To this day, when ever I see that vet, she points at me, laughing, and says "I haven't seen you since Mona's paw!" Yup. Most Gullible Human.  February, 1995

The 1993 Most Gullible Human Award

                 Presented by Mint Julep